4 Old Mining Sites Live Payment & Withdraw Proof | Withdraw In Payeer

4 Old Mining Sites Live Payment & Withdraw Proof | Withdraw In Payeer

In this article, I will show you the top method, by using this method you can get your first sell or first order on your Fiverr gig. If you want to get your first job in a few days then please read my full article. Today I am super excited today I’m going to share a tip and trick with you that you can use in the Buyer Request section of Fiverr to get your first order quickly.

  This tip will only work if a seller posts a request in the buyer request section. All gonna away?

Let me explain:

I am a seller I sell my skills on the Fiverr I sell my web development skills on the Fiverr so I ama seller okay. Suppose that I have 5 pending orders on which I’m working I’m developing suppose that those are all related to web development and suddenly I got another order which is related to building 6pages web site on the WordPress so I have I don’t have time because I already have five projects pending and now it’s another project so what I will do I will try to hire another seller. So to him, I can give up that project ok it’s related to six building a website of six pages so what I will do the price of that project is $500 so I will try to get a seller for the $200 who will build a six pages website on the WordPress from me in $200.

What I Will Do:

I will go into the buyer request section on Fiverr and I have a post a request that I need a seller who can build a six pages website on the WordPress for me in the five days for the $200 okay. Now when I will post a request in the buyer request section I became buyer also at the same time I am a seller and at the same time, I am buyer also okay because I posted a request in the buyer request section that I need a seller to build a website for me when you will come in the buyer requests section and you see hey I can do this I can build six pages website on the WordPress for $200 so what you will do you will post your offer on my buyer request.

Tips are started:

After placing your offer on my request in the buyer’s request you will contact me. How you will contact me? I will show you on the screen next but the idea is you will contact me because I am a seller and as you know on the Fiverr when there is a seller profile you will get a contact me button under the profile picture or profile image, okay but this trick will not work if someone is only a buyer because you cannot contact about directly until he contacts you or she contacts you but you can contact the seller anytime so I am a seller I posted the offer I posted a request in the buyer request section so you will contact me. How you contact me? I will tell you but when you will contact me you will message me that, Hi I saw your buyer request in the WordPress category so you asked me to build a six-page web site in $200 I applied to that and here are a few my designs that I built before on the WordPress so I will do this for the$200 in the five days if you are interested please let’s start on this project.

Trick That You will use:

I will log in it to my Fiverr Account first of all I will usually go to the inbox I will see your message there and I will see ok you have good designs in the message you try to convince me. You try your best so that I give this order to you. So I will say okay I will not go to the buyer request section to check the other offers provided by the other sellers because you directly contacting me so there are 90 percent chances that I will give this order to you because you already convinced me you gave me the design you gave me the good budget time and everything so I will give you this order so this is the trick that you can use.

Best Points:

1: If a seller posts a request in the buyer section. You can contact him.

2: You can say they give this order to me because instead of just applying the offer on the buyer request

3: You can use this trick to get the order

4: Send request on buyer request as fast as you can send

5: Always try to be online after applying on buyer request

6: If the buyer sends you any text then reply to him as fast as you can because if you will late then he will hire any other.

Suppose I am on Computer:

I am on my computer so here I’m in the buyer request section of my Fiverr Account. So suppose that this is my request and you sent an offer on it suppose that okay after sending the offer you will come to the sent offers section here click here and nowhere you can see all the buyers on which you applied or sent your offer okay so now I’m going to check which one is the buyer and which one is the seller so you just need to copy this thing this is the name of the buyer and you will come here and you can type Fiverr.com slash just after Fiverr.com forward slash you will paste that name here that you copied and press the Enter.

So here you see so it’s only the buyer okay it’s not the seller so we cannot contact this person directly okay so let’s try next one okay let’s try this one just copy and paste and press enter so this one is also only the buyer cannot contact him directly. Scroll down okay so let’s try this one okay copy this and just paste that after forward-slash press Enter so boom here you can see it’s a buyer and seller also okay why its buyer because he posted the request in the buyer request section so I applied to his request I sent my offer to his request now when I will copy his name and paste here after typing fiverr.com and after forward slash, I will paste his name here and press ENTER I got this, okay so this is seller also so what I will do I will click here contact me so I will just explain him.

Type everything:

Type everything so that you can explain everything here okay you can attach your design here and everything and after doing this send this message to this buyer so this is this person is the seller that’s why you can contact him directly so but this is a chance that if a seller post a request in the buyer request section. You can apply to his request and then you can contact him also that I applied to your request I sent my offer so I’m messaging you also so that’s I’m ready to take your project you can convince him.

Convince Is Main Point:

Everything you need to do is to convince him when you will do this and when he will open his Fiverr account he will see this message and at least he will talk to me so that’s the trick that I want to share with you you can use to get your first order on the Fiverr. Okay, so I hope you liked my Article if you really enjoyed this tip and trick.

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