7 ruble mining sites. top rubble earning site 2020 | rub mining site payment proof

7 ruble mining sites. top rubble earning site 2020 | rub mining site payment proof

7 ruble mining sites. top rubble earning site 2020 | rub mining site payment proof

If you want to earn free ruble then today post is very important for you, today I will show you 7 Old ruble earning sites where you can earn free ruble without any investment, Your work is just creating an account and work on that account. I have already received many withdrawals from these sites. You can also withdraw them in your account at any time.

Chickens-Farm.ru – This isn’t only a game, it is a one of a kind undertaking with genuine cash withdrawal! Withdrawals are accessible to different installment frameworks.

50 RUB FOR REGISTRATION, Withdrawal of cash WITHOUT INVESTMENT, 1 RUB promptly for withdrawal, We have no withdrawal limitations, We have half for withdrawal, We have Auto installments, We have NO POINTS!

How does it work?

1. Purchase feathered creatures, they will lay eggs for you

2. Eggs will collect, take them to the distribution center

3. Sell them and get gold.

4. Trade gold for genuine cash, or purchase more feathered creatures to bring you significantly more benefit!


1:On the principal store + half for nothing!

2:For any parity top-up + 10% as a blessing!

Ferma is a compelling monetary game with the capacity to bring in genuine cash. Build up your own virtual cultivate and pull back genuine cash to your e-wallet, bank card, or cell phone. Pulling back assets from the Ferma.venture is accessible to all clients with no limitations or the need to contribute. The ferma.gg venture is an entire help where you can make some great memories and procure cash.

Essential QUALITIES:

A decent economy is a way to progress and long life for any venture, we moved toward the improvement of the asset economy with exceptional consideration.

Build up your cultivate and get genuine cash! The withdrawal is accessible to an electronic wallet, bank card or telephone.

The undertaking is being done by an accomplished group that has just settled itself as a pioneer in the field of financial games.


This understanding (hereinafter the “Understanding”) administers the methodology and conditions for the arrangement of administrations by the site “Ferma”, hereinafter alluded to as the “Coordinator”, and is routed to an individual wishing to get the administrations of the predefined site (hereinafter the “Member”.)

The coordinator is the global organization DRIFT GAMES LTD situated at 5 Jewry Street, London, ec3n 2ex

Partan individual who consents to the particulars of this understanding, in affirmation of which he has enrolled with Ferma.

1.1 The coordinator maintains whatever authority is needed to make changes and/or increases to the principles of the game, interactivity.

1.2 By enlisting, the member concurs with the standards of the venture and embraces not to abuse them.

2. Administrations PROVIDED

2.1 The coordinator gives a play area to the member for relaxation and extra time with the chance of acquiring cash, and not the slightest bit powers the member to utilize these administrations.

2.2 The Organizer gives promoting administrations that permit the individuals who wish to publicize their own assets to different members in the Ferma venture through the “Locales Surfing” segment, which takes a shot at the “Paid to Click” rule.

2.3 The member can contribute his own assets to accomplish game advancement.

2.4 The member can arrange the installment of assets got because of his exercises and accomplishments in the venture, with no limitations.


3.1 Do not utilize obscenity and words/phrases that don’t relate to the structure of “restriction” when conveying through the gave game to visit and individual informing framework.

3.2 Timely report any mistakes and deficiencies in the activity of the site and the ongoing interaction and not use them for individual purposes.


Making more than one record for one part

Make more than one record on one gadget

Register represents others from your gadget

Sign in to others’ records, including the records of your companions, family members

Register a record for one-day (expendable) E-mail addresses

3.4 Do not utilize specialized devices to promote any outsider assets.

3.5 Be liable for any money related exchanges in your record, regardless of whether they were not completed by the member himself.

3.6 Do not censure the activities of different members and the site coordinator.

3.7 Do not utilize undocumented highlights (bugs) and mistakes of the game programming and quickly advise the Organizer about them, just as about people utilizing these blunders.

3.8 Do not utilize outer projects of any sort to pick up benefits in the undertaking.

3.9 The Participant attempts to freely deal with the vital PC safety efforts, keep it a mystery, and not move his username and secret phrase to different people, members. The whole danger of antagonistic outcomes of the revelation of this information is borne by the member himself.

3.10 The Participant attempts not to utilize logins and names like the chairman’s login for enrollment: admin1, admin33, admin, organizations, and so on., just as logins and names of the modern, arbitrator, and so forth., which may delude others, are precluded. framework members.

3.11 The member embraces to deferentially treat different clients and the organization of the task while reaching specialized help or conveying through the “Individual messages” framework.


4.1 It is illegal to include locales for promoting that upset the ordinary course of “Destinations Surfing”, obliterate the clock outline, contain infections, Trojans, diverts, phishing joins, or some other malignant projects.

4.2 It is prohibited to include for publicizing locales containing sex entertainment, a wealth of suggestive materials, assets of sex administrations, assets loaded up with numerous accomplices and notices, assets promoting “auto clickers”, “auto browsers”, different projects for hacking something, “enchantment wallets”, assets that require sending paid SMS messages, assets with content planned for affecting ethnic scorn.

4.3 It is denied to post destinations utilizing join shorteners in the “Riding Sites”.

4.4 Advertising in “Locales Surfing” that has gotten an enormous number of grievances can be blocked and sent for the check, if the protests end up being defended, the publicizing effort can be blocked.

Coordinator UNDERTAKES

5.1 Ensure the most extreme accessibility of the task on the Internet, report on completely arranged specialized work.

5.2 Continuously give the capacity to pull back earned assets with no limitations, no later than three working days. In case of power Majeure identified with installment frameworks, the coordinator has the option to postpone the installment for as long as 7 days.

5.3 Observe the classification system regarding the individual information of each undertaking member.

5.4 Provide ideal specialized help and help to extend members through a unique area “Backing”.

5.5 Constantly improve the task to improve things, considering the assessments of most of the undertaking members.

5.6 Maintain and skillfully circulate the game hold of the undertaking to give steady and standard installments to members.

6. Risk

6.1 The coordinator doesn’t ensure consistent and continuous access to the play area and its administrations in case of specialized issues and/or unanticipated conditions, including imperfect work or non-working of Internet suppliers, data workers, banking and installment frameworks, just as activities of outsiders people. The coordinator will bend over backward to forestall disappointments, however isn’t liable for brief specialized disappointments and breaks in work, paying little mind to the explanations behind such disappointments. In case of power Majeure, the coordinator is obliged to give access to the task inside three days from the snapshot of its unavailability on the Internet.

6.2 The Participant completely concurs that the coordinator can’t be held at risk for the member’s misfortunes that have emerged regarding unlawful activities of outsiders planned for abusing the security arrangement of electronic hardware and game databases, or because of interferences, suspension or end of the channels outside the ability to control of the coordinator, and correspondence systems used to associate with the member, just as illicit or preposterous activities of installment frameworks, just as outsiders.

6.3 The coordinator isn’t answerable for misfortunes brought about because of the utilization or non-use by the member of data about the undertaking, game standards and the venture itself and isn’t liable for misfortunes or other damage caused by the member regarding his inadequate activities and numbness of the game principles or his mistakes in figurings.

6.4 The Participant completely concurs that the organization of the framework isn’t answerable for the substance of the promoted destinations and for the precision of the data posted on them. Commercials in Ferma are set consequently without earlier control.

6.5 The coordinator isn’t mindful of the member for the activities of different members.

Serfbux Site rules:

promoting administration, offering types of assistance of income, and publicizing.

Client – an individual who utilizes the administrations gave by our task.

Record – A record containing data that the client reports about himself during enrollment.


Changes to the provisions of the client’s understanding might be made without earlier notification to clients.

On the off chance that the client abuses the conditions of the client’s understanding, Serfbux claims all authority to confine access to specific capacities or to decline to keep up a record with the loss of all things considered.


The client is exclusively liable for the security (protection from the determination) of the secret word picked by him, and furthermore freely guarantees the classification of his secret word.


Follow the conditions of client understanding.

Try not to enroll in numerous records.

Give exact data about your own information.

Try not to utilize duping endeavors Serfbux and different clients.

Try not to hack Serfbux and other client accounts.

Try not to endeavor to upset execution Serfbux

Report to specialized help about discovered issues or blunders.

Try not to distribute harsh messages to Serfbux and different clients.

(Websites Links)

1: https://bit.ly/30GiyMb


3: https://bit.ly/2PCYPXJ

4: https://bit.ly/3fKZX65


6: https://bit.ly/2XH3nQX

7: https://bit.ly/3fFEyuZ

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